The Name Behind Donna's Crafting Corner

Hello!  My name is Donna Bowater and I am the owner of Donna's Crafting Corner.

Born in the summer of '75, growing up, you could say that I was some what of a 'crafty' child.  For as long as I can remember, I have loved making things.  I enjoyed drawing and painting and occasionally cross stitch when younger, and then in my teenage years I developed a fondness for knitting, spending hours making knitted dolls and Christmas tree decorations.

During my twenties I had a crafting dry spell, but I love learning new crafts and in my early thirties I became interested in card making and spent several years designing and creating my own handmade greeting cards. 

However, as I approached my forties, I was looking for a new interest, a new passion, a new focus that I could potentially develop into more than just a hobby, and that's when I discovered jewellery making.

Designing and creating my own jewellery pieces has truly become a labour of love and I thoroughly enjoy spending every minute that I possibly can in my crafting room designing new pieces.

I am completely self taught and have never attended any kind of jewellery making course but I pride myself on how much I have managed to learn just by watching the many online demonstrations and tutorials that are so widely available.

I very much enjoy making beaded jewellery pieces as I find the stringing and threading of beads very relaxing, plus there are so many beautiful beads available to source.

Crafting for me has always been a way of keeping my mind and hands busy, and it seriously takes up all of my 'spare time'. When I'm not looking after Tabitha, my very cute and adorable tabby or doing my day job (I work for a firm of Financial Advisers), I'm busy watching jewellery making demo's or working in my crafting room creating a new jewellery piece or managing the website.

Occasionally, it can seem somewhat overwhelming and I sometimes wish that there were more hours in the day and more days in the week or that I could even sprout an extra pair of hands when things get a little busy, but I'm really passionate about what I do and really proud of what I have achieved so far, so I can honestly say that I wouldn't change a single thing.

I hope that my passion for making things will give me an amazing opportunity to build a small business that works around my day to day life. Each and every piece of jewellery that I make is made with the same level of care and attention to detail as the one that came before, so if it's on this website, it's because I've made it myself.